2024 May 23rd

With the arrival of a new season of WHM in 157Moments, we wish to present three episodes of WHM’s documentary One Year Two Collections. It’s a time of reflection and discussion for WHM and its audience. In these episodes, we see WHM’s process of making, and more interestingly, process of thinking. It invites us, the viewers of the video and wearers of its clothing, to join a conversation written by the designers, the fabric and the people.



2024 Feb 6th

"However for me, I would say that as buyers we represent the values we wanna share with our audiences. Size, Color, Silouette, Cutting, Material are all the essentials of a garment. But the most important thing for me is that myself, my crew, the designers and my audience are a group of people who share the same values. And what we put on every day is a language that we all believe in."

EENK Spring/Summer 2023 The W Collection

2023 June 4th

The brand EENK created by designer Lee Hyemee successfully integrates modern designs with a playful twist. Hyemee is known for her passion and curiosity that is present in every collection she designs. This Spring/Summer 2023 W Collection the inspiration behind her collection stems directly from the Wild West. A focus on the pioneering spirit and acting as a metaphor for exploring beyond our perspective of the world. 

EENK Black Double Breasted Short Blazer

Zoe At Chinatown

2023 May 8th

Zoe was spotted rocking Theopen Product new line in Chinatown. This line took inspiration from the soft delicate nature of ballet culture and mixed it with the rebellious free spirited essence of founders Boyoung and Jiyoung Kim. Timeless silhouttes with surprising elements to make this collection extremely pleasing to the eye. 

TheOpen Product T-Shirt
TheOpen Product T-Shirt

Claudia At Waterfront Station Part I

2023 April 7th

Amazing weather looking ahead. Time for pieces which celebrate our body and nourish our mood.

Claudia At Waterfront Station Part II

2023 April 8th

Layering is not only the theme for Winter. Black and White is all time classic, a touch of twist, very refreshing.