As its name suggests, South Korean ready-to-wear label LOW CLASSIC takes a minimalist approach to garment construction, offering staples that are simple, but never plain. Designer Myoungsin Lee’s unique ability to fuse streamlined design principles with feminine elegance has set the Seoul-based label apart from other Korean luxury brands on the market. Embracing a utilitarian aesthetic, the label emphasizes quality and fit, with pleated trousers, trench coats, and oversized blazers arriving in elevated cotton and supple leather. Lee’s carefully tailored designs emphasize their functionality, whilst remaining sophisticated in execution—cargo pants, mid-length skirts, and button-up shirts feature oversized pockets and detachable belts, adding unexpected character to each piece. Subtly austere in tone, LOW CLASSIC’s pieces are beautifully constructed, and charming in their straightforward simplicity. Striking the perfect balance between severity and grace, LOW CLASSIC has established itself as a label to watch.