Nocturne is a journey of culture and craft, drawing inspiration from the rich imagery of Asia; this is the heart of the brand and it’s asiate identity. The Lenoble family founded Nocturne in 2003. They left France in the 1970’s to embark on a new chapter in Asia. Drawing inspiration from across Asia and the traditions of craftsmanship, Nocturne seeks to evoke that particular aesthetic that infused Indochina, the asiate spirit and its blend of the West and Orient; they were driven to create a brand that embodied that spirit. The London design studio is the cultural melting pot that brings to life this vision, drawing references from modern artists, installations, and architecture.

Nocturne’s jewellery embraces an eclectic aesthetic with a deep love of art at its core. Exploring bold colour combinations and intricate textures, we offer contemporary pieces with a confident, refined look. Versatile enough for day or evening, our handmade accessories impart an effortless dose of edgy glamour to any outfit.

Nocturne is artisanal, decorative, wearable and fun.