XI XING LE is a lifestyle brand based in Shanghai, China which aims to bringing traditional Chinese handicraft aesthetics into contemporary life. Traditional Chinese porcelain is the main inspiration for XI XING LE, particularly the vibrant colors and delicate forms of Kwon-Glazed Porcelain. Integrating the form of China's handcrafted porcelain in the 1960s with a modern sense, XI XING LE is a perceptual inheritor of Chinese traditional aesthetic philosophy and a singular developer of modern ways of living.

XI XING LE seeks to provide its audience with new cultural experiences in line with its original notion of constructing a lifestyle that combines the old and the new. These three Chinese words represent the most beautiful and realistic live vision in this world.

XI: Auspiciousness.
XING: Moving forward.
LE: Delightful experience.