DESCENTE, a Japanese outerwear label established in 1935, derives its name from the French term "downhill," reflecting its connection to skiing. The trademarked "SPIRIT" logo features three arrows symbolizing fundamental skiing techniques: schussing, traversing, and skidding. Mastery of these skills is deemed essential for expressing the smart and dynamic flair of skiing.

The ALLTERRAIN line, launched with a focus on the concept of "less" in 2012, emphasizes a sceneless, ageless, and timeless approach. It inspired by the collection it designed for Japan’s Winter Olympic athletes in 2010. Instead of targeting specific age groups, scenes, or locations, the design centers on pure and timeless craftsmanship. The line leveraged nearly a century’s worth of alpine sportswear knowledge into its stylish and weather-resistant outerwear specially developed at the Descente’s research facility in Osaka. Descente ALLTERRAIN is best known for its signature Mizusawa down jackets, which transformed the down category through a heat welding technique that improves durability and resilience against wet conditions. Guided by a vision of functional beauty, Descente ALLTERRAIN creates top-tier outerwear for top-tier results.