Designing for real people

Today what makes WHM different to us is its authenticity. It lies not just in the appearance, but in the iterations of ideas, the expertise in the making of a fabric, the photography done by HaoMing himself and the interaction between the pieces and the real people in life. In WHM’s fashion week presentation and its seasonal campaigns, we see people from all fields of work wearing WHM, composing a story of perfect imperfections

A time of reflection and conversation

With the arrival of a new season of WHM in 157Moments, we wish to present three episodes of WHM’s documentary One Year Two Collections. It’s a time of reflection and discussion for WHM and its audience. In these episodes, we see WHM’s process of making, and more interestingly, process of thinking. It invites us, the viewers of the video and wearers of its clothing, to join a conversation written by the designers, the fabric and the people.

Episode 1 -  Design the Invisibles

“With the right technicality, a piece could make a person feel confident, at ease, or even change and grow with the person through out the years. These are the invisible designs.”

Episode 2 - Making clothes for the real people

“We find romantic imaginations from the serendipities in everyday life. Sometimes people are moved by our pieces because they capture this feeling from our design”

Episode 3 - Who is she?

“I hope to see the person (who wears WHM) as decisive, making decisions with courage and having a clear awareness of herself.”

Text: Xuning Wang
Director: Mengqian Xie
Cinematographer: Yuhan Liu, Peng Lin, Chen Du, Zhidong Yi, Zixuan Yang
Assistant Camera: Shan Xiao, Xiaotong Wang
Gaffer: Minghao Sun, Qiupeng Liu
Editor: Mengqian Xie
Colorist: Yiwen He
Date: May 23rd 2024